Canadian Centre For Addictions

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Ontario Drug Rehab Trusted by Ontarians There's quite a lot of drug rehabs in Ontario. Most are private, and some are public. Of course, public drug rehabs are overwhelmed and that results in wait lists of weeks and months for people to get a spot there. Public rehabs are paid for by the government of Ontario, so eligible Ontarians get addiction treatment for free. But when people realize that time is not on their side, and want in asap, they turn to a private ontario drug rehab like ours. The benefit is many fold. Not only do they get in right away and rarely in a few days but they get individualized, custom-tailored treatment programs. What is that you may ask? In it's most basic sense, individualized means treatment program designed for you. How does that matter? It matters a lot because most times addiction causes are at the root. And roots are factors like trauma, unique situations make all the difference. So treatment programs designed like this from the bottom up help you recover faster. What's more, it minimized relapses. Canadian Centre for Addictions is a private, fee-for-service ontario drug rehabilitation centre that can help you unchain yourself from drugs. If you think you don't want a real shot at recovery, and don't want to risk your life, our private rehab is pretty much all you ever need. We even offer a lifetime aftercare program because recovery is a process, not a one-time thing. So the price covers all of it.


  • Street: 175 Dorset Street West
  • Postcode: L1A 1G4
  • City: Port Hope
  • Province: Ontario


  • Telephone: +18448999959
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