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Brock Cottage - Tennant House - Brockville Ontario

A women's residential addictions treatment centre for recovery/rehabilitation from addiction to alcohol and/or drugs in a therapeutic environment * A bio-psycho-social approach to recovery is used * attendance at meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous is used as a support system and is a compulsory part of the program

Street Haven - Toronto Sober House for Women

Providing Shelter and Support to Women

Street Haven at the Crossroads' goal is to innovate and establish an integrated continuum of services which will improve the quality of life of women in need and bring creative solutions to their problems.

This continuum of services includes immediate support for women who come to Street Haven at the Crossroads off the street, the provision of meals and a place to sleep, a place to heal, a place to grow and a place to live independently, in accordance with what each individual woman is ready to handle and in recognition of the varied potential of each woman.