Caritas Project

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Living the experience of the Caritas community challenges you. Our Residential Therapeutic Community provides a structured, family environment in which honesty, trust and respect are key.

Caritas believes that addiction and other major life problems must be interpreted within a so called multidimensional (Bio-Psycho-Socio- Spiritual) framework. Therefore the Caritas Therapeutic  Community addresses your life in its entirety: Your living body (biomedical), the thinking and feeling part (psychological), social skills (or lack thereof), and your spiritual needs. The Caritas program envisions you in all your dignity (human and spiritual) and is structured to serve all-inclusive individual growth.  This type of approach to treatment will allow you to facilitate changes in all aspects of your life: a return to a state of fulfilling cooperation with the world around you.

Your environment is generally a major contributing factor for the development of your dependencies over a period of time; by the same token, the right environment can help you overcome these dependencies. Above all, Caritas is a Therapeutic Community.  It is by belonging to a group of peers that you become more self-aware and can re-adapt your behaviour. It is by projecting your feelings, anxieties and fears onto the community itself that the Therapeutic Community can act as a container and becomes the “therapist” or the “teacher.”  In a Therapeutic Community, social interaction between people is the main factor which brings about change. It takes time to “unlearn” the unproductive attitudes, lifestyles, and values and to rebuild a solid foundation for a meaningful recovery.  Our experience tells us that five or six months are not enough.  We suggest and stress not rushing right back into situations which, in most cases, require better and stronger emotional foundations.

The duration of the program is 25 months and it is offered as a complete experience in 4 phases.  This is an all male program.


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