A toast to 2011 with sparkling grape juice. For recovering alcoholics, New Year's Eve night can be tempting to take a sip.

A big metro party stands out among the rest as partiers greet 2011 sans alcohol. Their New Year's resolution? Stay sober.

"I've been sober 25 days," said Jayme Stanley. "I'm celebrating 111 days clean and sober," Teresa Hill stated proudly. "It's been just over 10 years," Michael Edens said.

They each have their own battle with addiction but are united in their desire to stay clean. Sober Under the Stars is more than just a New Year's Eve party, it's a celebration of life without addiction.

"In the new year I look forward to a new foundation and just being a better person," Teresa said.

Teresa and Jayme are out to have a fun, sober New Year's Eve with all their friends. They'll drink to the new year with a cup of joe.

"You can't appreciate the good times when you're using. When you're sober you can appreciate the good times and the people," explained Jayme.

Sobriety is a big feat this time of year considering the holidays and alcohol practically go hand in hand.

"People think of family who isn't with them anymore or sometimes they find themselves at a work party where everyone's drinking," explained Michael Edens who works with The Powell Chemical Dependency Center.

The center has helped recovering addicts ring in the new year for two decades. "It's much like other New Year's Eve parties, except without the negative sides," he said.

For everyone in recovery, they can say goodbye to a year filled with addiction and welcome 2011 with hopes of great things to come.

Powell CDC has helped more than 30,000 people in the last four decades. They hope events like Sober Under the Stars continue to support those battling and recovering from addiction.