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Renasent Rehab Centre

Where Better Lives Begin

Renascent is a leader in the field of addiction treatment. Our capacity to respond to the distinct needs of families and employers affected by addiction sets us apart. Located in Toronto.

Searidge Foundation

Nova Scotia

Searidge Drug Rehab is a drug addiction treatment facility that aspires to support, challenge and inspire individuals struggling with drug addiction dependencies. It was founded to meet the needs for a drug rehab centre in Nova Scotia, Canada that provides an elevated level of quality to recovery- at an affordable cost. We take pride in limiting our drug rehab center to 12 residents in order to maintain our consistently excellent level of quality through highly individualised recovery programs.

Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

A Guelph Treatment Centre for alcohol and drug addiction

Stonehenge Therapeutic Community offers a long-term, intensive treatment program (4-6 months) for people whose lives have been devastated by alcohol and drug abuse, and whose reality includes the fractured relationships, derailed careers and encounters with the legal system that so often result. Many of our clients are veterans of other less intensive programs – none of which have produced long-lasting results.

Sunshine Coast Health Center

Your Partner In Recovery

Sunshine Coast Health Center officially opened on the 15th of March, 2004, as a 16-bed drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility designed exclusively for men. Original ownership saw the need for privately-funded addiction rehabilitation and had the land, buildings and experience in residential group care to make it possible. The first two years were difficult but, over time, referring health professionals and the general public took notice of the benefits of an intimate, male-only facility that offered an extended stay (longer than 28 days) in an exceptional setting.

Turning Point Treatment Center

All-natural drug and alcohol recovery programs

Turning Point Ontario offers a uniquely different approach to drug and alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation. Our holistic, all-natural detox and rehab program for men provides a rapid, yet long-lasting recovery from drug addiction, prescription drug addiction and alcoholism, helping people rebuild relationships with family and friends, and return to normal day-to-day activities with confidence.

Valiant Recovery Rehab

Valiant Recovery provides customized treatments for each of our clients. Treatments are dependent on personality, addiction, family and personal traumas, and spirituality. Our individualized treatments create a sustainable "Healing," by treating the body, mind and spirit, rather then just the symptoms. To treat addictions, clients need to deal with the root causes of an addiction, not just bringing them to the surface, but by dealing with them and becoming free from them.

Vita Novus Treatment Center

Where Lives are rebuilt

At The Vita Novus Treatment Center we believe in total health recovery, and the achievement of a new life! Through caring and professional guidance, our 'friends' succeed in changing their life of addiction to a life of purpose and happiness.